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Leroy-Choctaw county game ends in forfeit


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I'm not sure how the AHSAA handles this type of situation, but I'm pretty confident when I say if this happened in Florida, Choctaw County just played their last game of the season. If they had enough players get ejected where they couldn't continue to play, then chances are those players are done for the season, which would mean Choctaw County is done for the season. Alabama may handle this type of thing differently. It doesn't give a number of players for each side that were ejected. Glad I wasn't on the crew for this game. Geez....Been there before and its not fun.

]Game stopped due to bench-clearing brawl;

source says Choctaw County forfeited when entire team was ejected[/b]

The Leroy-Choctaw County football game in Butler was stopped on Friday night when fights broke out on the field, according to multiple reports.

According to a source not connected to either school, Choctaw County forfeited the game when the Tigers' bench emptied. Some Leroy coaches and players were injured, the source said, and the entire Choctaw County team was ejected.

A spokesperson with the Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to the Call News and Washington County News that the game was stopped “due to fights” but did not know if any arrests were made. The game was stopped in the second quarter with Choctaw County leading 21-12.

Players involved in fights are subjected to suspension from future games, pending a review by the Alabama High School Athletic Association.

The source said tensions boiled over when Leroy's Marvin Davidson was tackled out of bounds on a kick return. Two plays later, players from both teams began shoving each other and the Choctaw County bench cleared, with some of those players going to the Leroy sideline.

Continue to check www.washcountynews.com, www.thecallnews.com and our Facebook pages for updates on this story. For a full report, read the Oct. 17 Call News.

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