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I'm a avid Auburn fan like all of you and I'm as dissapointed as you are about the results of our season so far this year but what disturbs me most is how some fans and some players have seemingly forgotten what we've accomplished in recent years and are electing to vent thier frustration publically.

We are Auburn University and we expect our team to compete for championships every year and none of us certainly didn't see this season coming but it's here and this is when out team and coaches need our support the most!

Sure, coach Chizik could have turned the other cheek and allowed some things by some players to go on in our program and we would have more options for winning this year but this is just one season vs. the future of our program.

I know it's a hard pill to swallow but I for one, would rather have a coach that demands excellence in his players behavior on and off the field rather than allowing certain things to go on inside the program that could have long term negative effects!

It seems that some of us are forgetting what coach Chizik has done for our program over the past 4 years and all I'm saying is we shouldn't have selective memory and forget all of the good things that coach Chizik has done!

We have a coach that is NOT complacent or affraid to make changes and I'm grateful for that!

We all know that these new scheme's are going in the right direction but we are not getting desired results yet...

We will and when we do....all pride and joy will be restored and most importantly; our program will be much stronger for it!

The alternative would have been the status quo and teams like Bama and LSU would be the only programs mentioned in the championship discussions with Auburn being left out of that conversation!

We are Auburn and we expect to be in that conversation every year and I know deep down; based on what coach Chizik has shown me in the past, that he is just the man to get us there!

Coach Chizik is 31-14 overall....lets remember that and keep our heads about us in the storm because all of us know that CGC will right our ship and Auburn will soon be in those chamopionship discussions!

Coach Chizik has given me more consistent pride in our program over the past 4 years since coach Dye and I hope you feel the same when you really think about it!


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