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An Alum Perspective


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I graduated in 1979. I am an avid football fan and proud Auburn alum. Living in Atlanta , I believe that I can bring a general and somewhat unbiased perspective based on what I see from afar without any personal knowledge of the personnel in the program.

1) Auburn wants a nationally dominant program that has winning seasons every year. In discussing the Auburn situation I can will share my thoughts of what's going on in Georgia. UGA football is the dominant team followed by the state fans. No matter how much success Ga Tech football has, and it has had some better yrs than the Bulldogs, it doesn't change the intensity of the fans toward UGA football. In comparison, UAT is and always has been the dominant football team in Alabama although since the days of Pat Dye, Auburn has been able to make some headway. Shula's tenure certainly helped increase our standing. However today UAT is on top nationally and their coach is recognized as the top college coach. So if we want to meet this goal we have to have the strong coach at the top that shares not only this goal but has the character and credentials to make this come to fruition.

2) We expect the best and should not excuse mediocrity. Based on his past record and the debacle of this year, I think we need to recognize that we fired Tubs and brought in the wrong guy. I can compare CGC to Richt. Both of them are considered nice guys, religious guys, and men of integrity. They have had strong recruiting classes. But Richt is getting killed by the fans and after the loss to USCe, even sports reporters and calling a coaching change. UGA fans won't settle for 8-4 why would we? I personally want a coach who actually coaches and not just walks and chews gum along the sidelines. I don't want speeches, I want outcomes. We should demand the best.

3) Top recruits see football as their career. They want to go to a program that will coach them up and give them the ability to shine and enter the football draft. They may like one coach more than another but at the end, it is mostly about who can get them to the next level. Richt is considered too nice and is looked at as being weak (certainly too weak to fire Mike Bobo) to ever take the team any further. What have we seen from CGC? Are the recruits being coached up?

4) Discipline and tone. I think Saban lays out the expectation and the recruits know they better stay in line. Our guy has lost so many recruits that it has been another reason for our demise. There is a lack of discipline and perhaps a lack of tone. I see CVG has that toughness, I don't see it from CGC or CSL.

5) I personally want a head coach not a head manager. Whether he is an offensive mind or defense guru, I want a guy who brings in his style of play. I love what Spurrier has done at USCe. And yes he was given time but he had a lot to turn around and has to recruit out of state. And we know that Saban has a say in that UAT defense. I think it's key to the personality and style of play of the football team. Why CGC has completely changed the style of ply offensively is another concern.

Like most of you I am embarrassed by our woeful performance this year. It's time to admit a mistake was made and make a change. Our administration should be looking into candidates right now and be ready to make a change as soon as the year ends.

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Chizik is a good coach, he made a terrible mistake in hiring CSL

Disagree with the 1st part of your post, agree with the 2nd part.


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