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Comparing Our Starters


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If you look at our starting 11 on both Offense and Defense.....do we have a player that could start at Alabama or LSU?

My thoughts.....

OL- None

TE- Although I am disappointed in his play this year; I give him a better than average chance to start at both schools.

WR- Blake would be a 2 or 3 receiver in a 3-wide set.

RB- None


DE- CL would play...I dont think he starts


LB- None

DB- None

K- Parkey gets the start

P- Start at Bama.....no way at LSU

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This may be true but the reason for this is developing players. We have been competitive if not equal to LSU recruiting and maybe a little worse recruiting compared to Bama ever since Chizik has been here. Alot of our recruits are either not on the team anymore or have not panned out(blaming this on coaches).

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