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Loading up and heading out......


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Just got back from dropping off the van for a quick cleaning. Then, gotta' put all this "stuff" that my lovelly bride thinks my girls just can't live without (You know, homemade cookies, cake, etc...College kids have got it made and don't know it...yet.) in that van, somewhere, and get ready to hit the road. I took a vacation day just to be certain that we are ready to go as soon as my lovelly bride gets off work at 4:30 this afternoon. All of the tailgating "stuff" (steaks, baked potatos, chips, dip, etc...) are carefully tucked away and iced down. The '93 sweatband, unwashed :D , is ready to go too!

I have put a little bit of thought into what I wanted to say in this post. My last post before the GAME. True enough, this is a big game. But, when your team is undefeated, EVERY game is a BIG game. These young men have put a lot of work, blood, sweat, and tears into this season. To say that I am proud of them and proud to be an Auburn Tiger is an understatement, to put it mildly. These guys have been a part of putting Auburn back on the national football map. How long we stay there will be determined by the underclassmen and some young men that have yet to cast their lot with Auburn but will soon do just that. These Seniors have seen it all. They have experienced the highs and lows of winning and coming up short. They have kept their heads high and have done what Auburn men and women have always done, worked hard and kept their goals in perspective. This group of young men have been a part of a special unit. A group of friends and a tight knit band of brothers that will take them far in life.

Yes indeed, Auburn does play a game on Saturday against the University of Georgia. But, as for me and my family, we could really care less about who lines up on the other side of the field. We will be going to see the AUBURN TIGERS play Football. No matter the competition, no matter the final score, we are going to SUPPORT OUR Tigers. If you have a ticket and are blessed with the opportunity to watch this one in person, be sure that you go prepared to leave it all on the field just as the players are prepared to do. We must do our part. We must let the entire football world know that we love the Tigers BECAUSE of Auburn. Auburn deserves our best. Settle for nothing less from yourselves and those around you in the stands @ JH!

God Bless....WAR EAGLE, Now and FOREVER, WAR EAGLE.....O N E at a time. :au:

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