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Does this surprise any rational people?


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Richard Mullenax


Why Michael Moore, College Football, and an NYC Restaurant Don’t Mix

By Richard Mullenax


Nov 23, 2004

What happens when filmmaker Michael Moore can’t beat Bush in a game of political smear? He will do the next best thing, rally a blue state college football team to beat a red state college football team.

Last Saturday, the Ohio State Buckeyes (from a Red State) took on the Michigan Wolverines (from a Blue State) in a heated rivalry match. With enough heat pitted against both the football players and the fans, Michael Moore decided to add more fuel to the fire by making it not only about football, but about politics--and it was personal.

According to Moore: "Once again we are reminded that the buckeye is a nut, and not just any old nut--a poisonous nut,"

Much to Moore’s disappointment, "the poisonous nut" defeated Michigan 37 to 21. It looks like Moore will have to challenge a red state citizen to a game of checkers instead.

It is very sad when a famous person like Michael Moore has to dislike a state and its college football team, and the residents of the state, because a majority of its citizens voted for President Bush. Is this the tolerance that Moore preaches to all of us?

But wait, it gets even more absurd.

According to Michael Moore’s Website, a New York City restaurant refused to serve the Bush Twins because of politics. They were told by the maitre'd that the restaurant was full and would be for the next four years. After the rude remark was made, the people in the restaurant cheered and did a round of shots. So much for tolerance from the left.

How childish and ignorant is it to turn people away because of their political affiliation. When Michael Moore and those in the NYC restaurant behave like this, they show that they do not care about uniting America, but about catering to their own kind and their own agenda. It is simply immature to think that anyone who supports Bush is stupid or an enemy of this free country.

As long as these real "poisonous nuts" with their hypocritical ways of "tolerate us, but we will never tolerate you" exist, we will never be united. That is not an opinion, but common sense.






Richard Mullenax is young freelance writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. An advocate for traditional values, Richard helps stable-minded Conservatives fight against Secularists that try to take God out of our country. Richard was also recently published in the Freestone County Times newspaper in Fairfield, Texas and hosts his own internet radio show called "The Mullenax Criterion." To know more about Richard Mullenax, go to www.richardmullenax.com or reach him at thenospinkid@aol.com.


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