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Spotlight on D'haquille Williams (SJS)


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Perhaps the most important element of the offense Auburn coaches wanted to improve upon was their vertical passing game. As explosive as the offense was during 2013, there were too many missed opportunities in the vertical passing game. This was the focus of the game plan against San Jose State, attempting to challenge the opposing secondary down field. Though Auburn secured a comfortable 59-13 victory over the Spartans, Auburn struggled throwing the football down field. Because opposing defenses will be so focused on defending the Auburn running game, there will be ample moments to exploit the opposition with the passing game.

The play...


On this play Auburn faces a 2nd & 13 from their own 30-yard line. Auburn comes out in a run look with both TE's in the backfield. San Jose State is in a Cover-1, with one safety covering the entire back end of the field. Before the snap, the CB covering D'haquille Williams is playing nearly 10-yards off the line. At the snap, Nick Marshall will look off to the boundary side as Duke Williams breaks into his route.

D'haquille Williams initially pulls the CB inside on what appears to be a post route but makes a double move to run a deep out towards the sideline. The CB becomes twisted around with no safety help over the top. Nick Marshall resets his feet and shoulders and delivers a soft arching pass towards Williams. The pass allows Williams time to run under the ball for an easy completion.

The pass-play picks up 27-yards and an Auburn first down. Williams has caught 13 passes through 2 games, with 7 resulting in an impact play. He is currently on pace to establish a new school record in impact plays.

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