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Brady Hoke Allows Injured QB to Play


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Brady Hoke is either incompetent or so desperate to win he is risking the health and safety of his players. Hoke allowed his QB with a leg injury to play and after a helmet to helmet hit left him in in a confused state, hoke put Shane Morris back into the game. The AD at Michigan should have pulled hoke from the sidelines during the game in the 4th qtr when this happened, then fired him after the game.


In the fourth quarter, after noticeably hobbling earlier in the half, Morris was flattened with a high hit from a Minnesota defensive lineman.

He laid on the ground for a few moments, got up and appeared wobbly, nearly falling down before sophomore tackle Ben Braden helped him gain his full balance.

Morris was then seen waving off the sidelines, and stayed in the game for one more incomplete pass before being lifted for Gardner.

Asked if he was concerned about Morris potentially dealing with a concussion during the game, Hoke said he was not aware of any head injury to his quarterback. Asked if he noticed Morris' wobbly body language on the field after the heavy hit, Hoke said he did not.

"I didn't see it," Hoke said. "I can only answer for me."

Hoke may not have seen it, but just about everyone else did.

Including ESPN color analyst Ed Cunningham, who completely ripped Hoke for "atrocious" injury management of a player during the broadcast.

"This young man looked groggy after that hit (and) he's being put back on the field," Cunningham said. "He can barely stand up. This is not good player management. We've talked about player safety in this game, guys getting hit in the head.

"This is atrocious to me."

Either way, though, Michigan's quarterback situation appears to be just as cloudy as it was entering the game.

Hoke pulled Gardner in favor of Morris, who then left the game due to an injury.

He said both Morris and Gardner had solid practice weeks, and maintained before the game that sometimes it's best for a quarterback -- Gardner -- to take things in from the sidelines when things are going badly.

So, at this point, is Morris the starter? Or does Michigan go back to Gardner, who engineered the team's only second-half touchdown drive.

"We'll evaluate it like we do, like we did last week," Hoke continued. "We'll evaluate it."


Shane Morris, already laboring from an apparent leg injury, took a helmet-to-helmet hit in the fourth quarter vs. Minnesota that left him wobbly and seemingly concussed. And then Brady Hoke did the unspeakable, which is why Michigan should fire him immediately.

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I feel a lawsuit coming....

That's very likely. From a situation that was completely avoidable.

Have they been totally oblivious to what has materialized in the NFL as it pertains to head trauma?

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