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O-N-E-O-N-T-A, Oneonta all the WAY!


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Carolina Tiger, this is from a Winfield Pirate:

Oneonta played a heck of a game today, that was a heck of a game.I was surprised at the size of some of those boys. Anyhow, congrads on the 3A championship, and clebrate it for the next 365 days. :cheer:

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it evidently was a great game... 'knownbythe companyyoukeep' there at the game was sending me updates throughout the entire 4th quarter (how cool is THAT)... you hate to see a team lose a good game like that.

i don't know much about winfield, and you know they had to have had a whale of a team, too, to be where they are....like i said, both teams are evidently something special, and the ball had to bounce oneonta's way in order for them to catch up.

as it turns out, KNOWNBY was sitting with too high school classmates of mine! small world!

"wal-mart" high rules!

and YES, this is related to auburn football! we're discussing YET ANOTHER UNDEFEATED CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM!

here's another cheer:

hooray for redskins, hooray for redskins, someone in the crowd is yelling hooray for redskins...1,2,3,4, who you gonna yell for, redskins that's who, bah bah bah <repeat infinitely>



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