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Lima Climate Talks Set for Record Carbon Footprint

DKW 86

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Guys, if these folks were actually serious for one second about AGW they would just quit holding these public displays of total unawareness.

These people are almost all interested in one thing and one thing only...making $BNs off of MANIPULATING the Energy Industry.

Two of the top beneficiaries of AGW Policy? Al Gore and Tom Steyer.


Between 2008 and 2011 the company had raised profits of nearly $218 million from institutions and wealthy investors.


Mr. Steyer had spent months fighting Keystone, attending anti-coal rallies and urging colleges to divest from "fossil fuels," before the press noted that his money was still parked at Farallon, still profiting from Kinder Morgan pipelines and coal projects.

And don't think that environmentalists failed to notice Mr. Steyer's specific divestment instructions. He did not say in that July press release that he was pulling his money from "fossil fuels"—only tar sands and coal. That may be because Mr. Steyer as recently as 2012 wrote an op-ed in this newspaper supporting more natural-gas extraction, and last year (as the Keystone debate raged) he helped fund a University of Texas study that supported fracking.

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