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Scott Walker Says "Molotov" For Hanukkah


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Yes, it is BS, yes, it is old but, it is still comical. The cheap shot at Republicans in the first two sentences is also funny.

WASHINGTON -- Hanukkah is a holiday that commemorates the burning of oil. Republicans naturally love it. But in his haste to celebrate the festival of lights, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ® got a little farmisht.

In an undated letter posted by the Capital Times Wednesday, Walker wrote to a constituent that he would be happy to display a menorah at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. At the time, he was serving as county executive. But what stands out most is his closing line.

From the letter:

Thank you for you letter regarding the Menorah Display. Yes we would be happy to display the Menorah celebrating "The Eight Days of Chanukah" here at the Courthouse. [...]

Thank you again and Molotov.

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