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UF's New DC


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North Carolina and now Texas A&M are both interested in Durkin as DC. Basically; I find it really hard to believe that he'd come here as LB coach when he will have DC offers.

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I thought UF was fighting to keep him? One of the best DC's in the business from UF to A&M or NC?

Just doesn't make sense to me.

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Guest jojo1515
They clearly chose to hire Collins instead of him. Things change

Yet their "insiders" claimed the whole defensive staff was staying....now they are claiming TRob is staying.....I for one don't believe them

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Mullen is crazy. Florida is a top 5 job. State isn't florida . by any stretch

As a coordinator not sure right now UF is a top 5 job

Your in the East that sucks

Your not in the West that sucks

UF is rebuilding and has to contend with UM and FSU

Your only going to stay a short period so either 2-3 if things don't run around and they dump your head coach and/or 2-3 because you do well and move to a HC job.

You can get that at MSST, although I think the writing is on the wall. This was MSST's year and they went 10-2 lost to their rival and didn't win the west. Dak and Josh need to come back but in the end they will be losing 13 starters who are seniors including their entire offensive line.

Do I think MSST will be competitive, yes I do but in the West you have an uphill battle.

LSU is going to be strong next year

Arkansas already have proven they are on the upswing

Ole Miss is a toss up but by the time they play MSST their QB will ready

Auburn, nuf said

Alabama nuf said

TAMU unknown

They Kentucky and Mizzou that could be 0-2 but I suspect 1-1

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The culture, fans & alumni of UF football don't give a flip about defense so long as they win. Kind of like Lavell Edwards' BYU era. It's a DC job for which football folks in the know give you little recruiting credit (some of the best talent in the nation fall into your lap because they grew up Gators). No way the HC or OC are lateral from MSU but moving from THAT MSU to THIS UF is pretty darn lateral IMO.

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I think once CWM's staff starts coming together, we will be very pleased with who he & CGM come up with. I think we are 90% with T-Robb coming aboard. It will be the kind of staff that will have Auburn in the upper echelon of the top defensive teams in the country.

We will not see any changes until after the bowl game, but it will be well worth the wait.

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