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Creepy Bama Fan Tries to Flip Auburn Commit Via Text Message

February 3, 2015 at 11:19a by DJ Byrnes


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Darrell Williams is a four-star linebacker currently committed to play at Auburn for new DC Will Muschamp. According to his 24/7 profile, Williams has been committed to Auburn since March of 2014.

But on the eve of National Signing Day, it looks like at least one Alabama fan is doing what he can to help Nick Saban — the man about to sign his fifth No. 1 recruiting class in a row — seal the deal on a recruit that got away.

It's creepy to me when people tweet at recruits in general. (It's also a borderline insult to the coaching staff the fan's school employs.)

But taking it to a level where you're finding recruits' numbers and badgering them via text message? Well, let's just say I'm not surprised this happened down in Alabama.

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He should save that number as crappy bama fan.

I'm hoping people send that guy crap in return

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This is not surprising at all. Nothing surprises me much any more with the level the turds will stoop.

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