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If you would like a better understanding of the Iranian perspective, which anyone should if they wish to hold an opinion on the matter, I suggest reading the entire page.

Or you can skip to here:


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"Relax, Iran Is Not Taking Over the Middle East: Critics of U.S. nuclear negotiations with Iran have focused on Iran’s regional policies as a framework for the negotiations. Some argue that the Obama administration has “conceded” the Middle East to Iranian influence. Others unconvincingly argue that Iran is creating a new “empire” in the Middle East. For the most part, the critics argue that a nuclear deal that leaves Iran with the ability to enrich uranium somehow permits it to establish itself as the paramount power in the Middle East. However, most of these arguments fail to consider the reasons for Iran’s influence in the region.

The nuclear program, which has cost Iran tens of billions of dollars through sanctions, has hardly been a boon to Iranian power. Rather, the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the Arab uprisings, and the collapse of weaker regional states have allowed Iran to fill the regional vacuum. But Iran is not alone in this. Tehran faces competing powers such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, both of which are also expanding their influence, and not always in line with U.S. interests. The corrosion of state authority in the region is hardly just due to Iran’s “malign” influence. Nevertheless, Iran does pose certain challenges to the United States, and devising the right approach to dealing with them should remain a key focus. This effort must begin by first identifying key American interests." http://nationalinterest.org/feature/relax-iran-not-taking-over-the-middle-east-12222

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Ahh yes, good ole' Iran. Perpetually six months away from obtaining a nuclear weapon for the past 30 years, usually when theres an upcoming US or Israeli election.

And that is a great observation.

And it also seems to mirror the "Saddam is developing WMDs" meme that we heard FROM EVERYONE in DC way back when and turned out to be :bs:

Could we actually be that wrong AGAIN?

I know one thing, i will not trust the American Media to find out nor truthfully inform us if they did.

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