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Still looking...

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J&M is hands down the best place to find the authentic hats.

Can be tough when you don't live near Auburn though.

Bet you could call them and have them ship you one.

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If you're looking for the "on the field" version, I'm thinking there is something going on with Under Armour. Up until two seasons ago The Game was providing the hats for Auburn with a TPX (Louisville Slugger) logo. Now that deal has gone by the wayside (I'm guessing it was still being made by The Game and had the UA logo on it). I suspect Under Armour may be in the process of finding another source. At one time you could buy the hat you're looking for at all the likely retail outlets. Now all those spots have dried up. I was in Auburn for the Mike Lutzenkirchen talk last Wednesday and went by the big three and did not see the hat.

This is the closest thing to "authentic" that I have been able to find on-line http://www.aubookstore.com/shop_product_detail.asp?catalog_id=329&catalog_name=Rml0dGVkIEhhdHM&pf_id=FITTED++++091214-11&product_name=Q2FwLCBTdHJldGNoZml0IEF1IFcvRQ&type=1&target=shop_product_list.asp





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