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Class Act Police Officer


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This is pretty cool of this officer to help this lady.


Cops often get a bad rap.

Not so with Ben Hall, a western Michigan police officer who’s getting pat-on-the back phone calls from Tennessee, Chicago, Denmark, the United Kingdom and pretty much all around the world, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Hall’s getting offers from major networks to appear on morning and evening news programs, and Ellen Degeneres, the Queen of Nice, wants him for a daytime appearance. One of the Emmett Township’s police commanders, Lt. Tony Geigle, said he’s never seen anything like it – “it” being the more than 7,500 “likes,” 2,340 shares and 800 comments on the department’s Facebook page about the nice thing Hall did.

Hall, 31, said he was on patrol Oct. 4 when “dispatch called and said there was a call stating that a young child was in the car without a car seat or a booster seat.” He pulled the driver over and found the 5-year-old girl was wearing a seatbelt, but was not restrained in a car seat or booster seat, as required by Michigan law.

The child’s mother, Lexi DeLorenzo, reportedly said she understood the importance of a car seat, but said she couldn’t afford one on her limited budget.

Rough Couple of Months

“She explained she knew she was supposed to have a booster seat but she had a rough couple of months,” Hall said. “Her car had been repossessed with the child’s car seat and some other personal items.”

Giving her a ticket wasn’t the answer, and would only cost her money she didn’t have, Hall reasoned. He thought about what he would like to have happen if he were in her position, “something I could be going through someday … something anyone could have been going through,” he said.

“I was in a position to help her and her child and provide a little relief,” Hall said. “I talked to the mother about different organizations that give out car seats but it was night, Friday, on a weekend and we needed something right now.”

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