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Police Officer Saves Choking Child


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Well done sir!


Collins arrived on Worthen Street along with Officer James Fay to find Martinez attempting to follow instructions that dispatchers were giving her over the telephone. It wasn't working.

"I took the baby from mom, administered two or three back blows, and a penny came out," Collins said. "The child started crying."

Collins stood the baby up, looked at him, and realized that Lucas was still choking.

"I inverted him again, administered two or three more back blows, and another penny came out," Collins said. "The child started giving a really good cry at this point, so I handed him back to mom."

Within moments firefighters and EMTs from Trinity Ambulance arrived at the scene, so Collins stepped back, let the EMT's take over, and soon cleared the scene to go back to his regular patrol route.

"I helped out with the baby and then I just moved on," Collins said. "It was getting crowded in the apartment."

Within about 5 minutes, Collins was already on another call in the Lower Highlands, while Lucas and Juana Martinez were on their way to Lowell General Hospital, where x-rays and a doctor's visit would determine the child was okay.

"Everything is fine," Juana Martinez said Sunday as her, Lucas and Collins were reunited at the police station.

"He saved your life," Juana told her son.

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Wait... this goes completely against the national narrative that some are trying to push.

Lowell police officer saves choking child -- and finds two cents

Wait, the cop kept the 2 cents, I bet. Yeah, the story CONVENIENTLY omits what happened to the coins.

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