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Dark Horse Mark Everson


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Great. A 3rd party candidate who really LISTENS to what Americans have to say.


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The six planks of Everson's campaign:

  • Fundamental tax reform.
  • Confronting the lawlessness of the Big Banks.
  • Reinforcing the American tradition of assimilation through comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Serving only a single term to keep re-election politics out of Presidential decision-making.
  • Real, balanced reforms to America's entitlement programs.
  • Re-establishing the draft in order to have a shared sense of national service.

Ohhh!!!! Juuusssst a bit outside with #6. This guy almost became my safety valve for the GOP hard liners when they inevitably dredge up their "Paulbot" accusations.

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He can only serve as a vote stealer for the GOP .

He's a Ross Perot wanna be.

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