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Best place to buy tickets


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StubHub is a 30% markup to whatever the seller wants for the tickets. That is enormous. It's a terrible inefficiency. But it does bring with it a lot of convenience. You can literally buy tickets the day of the game and download the bar code.

And with that convenience is the risk of someone selling you the voided originals outside the stadium.

And with that convenience is the fact that StubHub shares sales information with the University. So, the University can look at season ticket holders' actual use of the tickets and the actual prices paid. Which I think is dangerous to season ticket holders.

This year the ticket office effectively doubled or tripled the cost of getting new seats inside the 30s.

The ticket office is also keeping year-over-year records of all the tickets resold. I don't think a lot of season ticket holders who are selling their tickets know this. I would imagine after a few good years, with a sharp uptick in demand for tickets, the ticket office could start looking at data over a few years, and use it to unseat scholarship donors with a history of reselling.

I bet there would be varying opinions on this forum about that.

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