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Book to read: TC's “Between the World and Me”

DKW 86

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In one of the earliest assessments, New Yorker editor David Remnick described “Between the World and Me” as an“extraordinary” book and likened Coates to James Baldwin. (Actually, everyone else has, too.) Reviewers have hailed it as “a classic of our time” (Publishers Weekly), “something to behold” (The Washington Post), “a love letter written in a moral emergency” (Slate) and “precisely the document this country needs right now” (the New Republic). This is more than admiration. It is an affirmation of enlightenment. New York Times film critic A.O. Scott went as far as one could go, calling Coates’s writing “essential, like water or air.” Yes, we cannot live without Ta-Nehisi Coates.

When i do watch MHP, i alway find TC to be the best guest. He has depth that is far deeper than even MHP. While some on MSNBC seem to tend toward shrillness, TC is one of the real deal writers i love to read. I will admit his "reparations" ideas are way far fetched at this point, but he does have a really cool observational eye.

My "really want dinner, wine, and a conversation" list:

Camille Paglia, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Christopher Hitchens, Thomas Sowell, David Horowitz, and a few others. (Yes, i know Hitchens is deceased. Never said my dinner couldnt be in Heaven)

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