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Interview with Gus Malzhan 1 on 1


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Part 1 of two


On the eve of preseason practices, Malzahn opens up about past success and failures, his confidence in Auburn's prospects for the 2015 season, Jeremy Johnson's potential at quarterback and much more in this wide-ranging, four-part interview.

You're going into your third year as the head coach at Auburn. In any profession you learn something about yourself, good or bad, as the years go on. What have you learned between 2013 and today?

Malzahn: I don't know if there's any one thing other than there's nothing better than experience. As a coach, whether a coordinator or head coach, every year I tried to re-evaluate everything. What did we do good? What can I do better? You're always trying to improve. The fact that this will be my third year as a head coach in this league, the football part, I've been doing the football part -- it's the same exact thing as high school as far as the football logistics, the practice plans, dealing with the players, trying to develop them. Everything else that comes with the job, with the organization, a lot of moving parts, to the recruiting part, to the boosters, to the speaking and everything that goes with it.

I don't think there's one thing. It's just me as a head coach, my goal is to improve each year. If I made some mistakes, don't make the same mistake twice. So, that's probably the biggest thing for me.

The first year we had a real successful year; last year we didn't finish. I've experienced a little bit of everything the first two years, so that's helped prepare me to do a better job this year.

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