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Repairing the run offense is No. 1


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Though it is important to work on Jeremy Johnson, I believe it is even more important to get this ground game going. Malzahn's offense is built upon his run-offense and there is no way Johnson improves if the running game remains inconsistent.

Pct of run thru 2 games:

2010: 72%

2013: 71%

2015: 59%

Three different QB's starting at Auburn for the first time but Johnson by far has been teamed up with the worse run-offense.

From 2000-2015:

0-99 yards rushing: 111.7 pass efficiency

100-149: 133.2 rating

150-175: 126.9 rating

176-200: 137.6 rating

201-250: 142.4 rating

251-up: 159.9 rating

AU has struggled establishing the run early thru 2 games with 64% of the rushing yardage coming during the 2nd half. Get the ground game going and the offense will perform and look better.

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I agree but sometimes the QB has to help the run game. Last yr was a good yr but not the same as the yr before because we lost Tre and jay prosche. Before Jason Campbell became prolific his sr yr the d wax able to stop the caddy/Ronnie combo. Not being a threat as a passer or runner allows the d to become one dimensional. Jeremy has to get respect to open the run game.

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A big part of that will be getting solid line play. Then the run. Then the passing game, I think. LSU defended the run pretty well last week, so there will probably lots of Barber runs, short passes and short passes to Barber vs LSU.

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The who gonna load up with them big Cajun s and shut the run down. JJ has got to be able to capitalize. Gus has got to give him high % plays to make, slants,wheels and outs. Heck maybe a screen even. How bout some TE calls.

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