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Can Gus win without a dual threat QB?


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What do you think? My fear is no and we have no dual threat QB on the roster. We've seen what this offense can do with a dual threat QB (Newton & Marshall) and also when no dual threat QB (Todd, JJ, Trotter, Fraizer, Mosley). The play calling is geared towards dual threat, make a play in space, zone read-run option QBs which we don't have. I'm really confused on this one because SW is a kid with some promise but he's seems ideal for a pro style offense. I feel like we'll be looking for a Juco savior next year. The zone read is only half power with a non-running QB. My god, as I write, I feel like we are going to be rebuilding again next year on offense. Talk me off the ledge.

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Guess we are going to find out pretty soon now.

But, if it takes a D-T style QB to successfully run Gus's offense it seems to me that we will eliminating about half of the pool of HS QB recruits in future years.

And.....we've heard concerns in past years from WR recruits about our offense so we might be back to converting unsuccessful QB candidates to WR like we've mostly been doing the past few years.

JMO but we really need SW to make this work.....

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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