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Cross Buck Waggle Breakdown


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One of my favorite run plays in the Malzahn playbook involves the cross buck action with two running backs crossing over paths in the backfield, forcing the defense to defend both options. Against Mississippi State, Gus Malzahn dialed up a play-action pass off this running scheme, which resulted in an impact play with Kerryon Johnson. It is a quick developing play that freezes the defense because of all the options that must be covered in a short period of time.

The play...


On this play Auburn faces a 2nd & 15 from their own 31-yard line. Just before the snap, Kerryon Johnson is lined up behind the slot receiver and will motion into the backfield adjacent to Sean White. At the snap, Kerryon Johnson will cross over from the right side to the left flat. Sean White will play-action with Peyton Barber, which freezes the LB's and crashing DE on the boundary side.

Kerryon Johnson will act as if he is going to chip the crashing DE but releases out into the boundary flat. The LB responsible for Johnson plays the Barber run-option and is caught flat-footed, when Kerryon Johnson releases out of the backfield. Sean White rolls to his left after the play-action and delivers the flat pass to Johnson. White squares his shoulders towards his target, insuring an accurate pass that allows Johnson to keep his stride.

Johnson hauls in the pass and makes an inside spin move on the closing DB at the 40-yard line. After spinning out of the tackle, KJ picks up an additional 9-yards on the play for an Auburn first down.

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I love it when we use two backs in the backfield. Seems to work well most of the time. Also seems to get some of our better players the ball more often, yet not as predictably.

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