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SEC Commish, what's going on in the SEC?


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What's going on in the SEC? Will Muschamp left LSU for a NFL position coach.

Van Gorder left UGA for a NFL position job. Now GC leaves for a 'co-DC' job?

I'm not sure any of these jobs were promotions/demotions.

However, one thing is glarringly obvious, they all left the SEC without an SEC HC Job!

Mike Slive, what's going on?

I think one of the worst tragedy's in the SEC history was the SEC letting Bob Stoops out of the SEC with a lot of these SEC programs struggling. Granted, he left for HC job, which is what all these guys want. Why didn't someone in the SEC go for that guy?

Why didn't OM go for one of these guys? Why didn't KY go for one of these guys a couple years ago? IMO, the SEC needs to have a closed door meeting. These guys being frustrated about apparent closed doors in the SEC HC jobs is a problem which is going to lead to inferior SEC football if this trend continues. It appears to me that the SEC is it's own worst enemy.

This problem is not limited to DC's as Jimbo Fisher can't get a nibble either. With Charlie Strong and Johnny Chavis setting there, what do you think they think their chances are for landing a HC job in the SEC now?

Mike Slive is asleep at the switch. This needs to stop!

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WE4AU...tell me if you agree with this....

I think Mike Slive was put in to pretty much pickup where Kramer left off...no changes. Same good ole boy networks (see crappy ref crew system). Its almost like he doesnt care at ALL to get his hands dirty and do some REAL work.

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if slive had picked up where roy kramer left off, you wouldn't have as much to complain about. kramer was a strong commissioner. he basically forced everyone else (as in other conferences) to do what he thought was best (ie. the bcs). slive is nothing like kramer. roy would've openly railed on the system if his team were on the outside looking in; slive said nothing. but on topic, i do think there is something a commissioner can do to strong arm members into at least interviewing cadidates within the conference. and i think it'd be a good idea.

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