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RULE REMINDER: No bashing the kids


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This does not only go for current AU players, but for recruits. It's one thing to say that you're ticked because some kid reneges on a commitment. But don't bash them, call them names, make fun of them, imply they are stupid, etc. That's bush league, low rent kind of stuff.

I'm notifying the mods to edit or delete such posts on sight. This is your first warning. We will only edit or delete your posts one time with no consequences. The next time we have to do it, you get a vacation from posting until after national signing day (Feb 2nd, meaning you'll be allowed back on the 3rd). We don't need loose cannons poisoning the recruiting pool.

Show a little Auburn class. Get mad at the situation if you must (I have), but don't personally attack or demean these kids.

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