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Things to note regarding the 2005 class


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*The entire recruiting class is on track to be academically qualified.

*Auburn has commitments from five of the top seven players on The Birmingham News' Super Seniors list.

*Heading the tight end list is (Tommy) Trott, the No. 1-rated player; Gabe McKenzie, the state's No. 3-rated player; and Andrew McCain of Briarwood Christian, who was a top defensive player and could play in the line.

*No. 1-rated player in Georgia in linebacker Tray Blackmon

*Auburn has a commitment from the state's No. 2 prospect, wide receiver Montez Billings of Pelham.

*Fairfield's Rex Sharpe, the News' No. 6-rated player, joins Blackmon and Patrick Trahan of New Orleans to complete the linebacker commitments.

*(CTT) wanted to sign tight ends, defensive backs and linemen. He (signed) 14 of those.


We lost out on a couple we really wanted but got almost everyone we expected to get. We picked up Walter MacFadden. I think we will be in good shape. We have a great class of guys who will probably make an impact fairly quickly.

I have no complaints... :)

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Ok, Ok ! I'm down w/ that ! I'd rather haver 20/20 players make the grade and be ready in August than have 5,6, or 7 non qualifiers from a 'stellar' class sit out and languish in JuCo limbo.

Good job, CTT.

I'm feelin better already! :cheer:

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No AS hurts a little, but the class is solid. It has been mentioned many times over, but a lot of teams get 20 3 and 4 stars (and a 5 here and there). After that, it's all about the program that's in place. Bottom line is that CTT has one of the best in the nation, and it will continue to show in the W-L record and the class of the players who play put up those 10 win seasons. War Damn Eagle!


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Read an article where it was talking about the class being small but CTT wanted it that way. We will be able to sign more players next year and supposely Alabama is suppose to have a lot of really good talent next year.

I think we did really recruiting. We did not get a RB but we do not really need one. It would have been nice to get an explosive RB like Carnell again but it is also for good for the RBs here because it assures them that they are good enough and give thems confidence. The RBs we have now could really be good and now they have a chance to show it. I know they a good but they might be a top RB now that they have a chance to show what they can do.

I remember a guy by the name of Priest Holmes who did not get much playing time because he waws behind Ricky Williams. Just think if Carnell and Brown were in front of you. I think one of the RBs are gonna explode.

A for defense it looks like we will have some great players again. Defense wins games, most of time.

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