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Recruiting Rankings, Blue Chips and...


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Sometimes, only time can bring perspective. Those of you who may remember a QB named Latrez Harrison, who was deeply coveted by AU fans a few years back, may find this interesting.



The Wheeler Dispatch, a Florida Recruiting site, gives the following Top 10 Southern Quarterbacks:

#1 Latrez Harrison Atlanta, GA 2.50 AUB, GT, SYR, UCF, MD

#2 Gary Brashears Clarksville, AR 2.50 ARK Commitment

#3 Eli Manning New Orleans, LA 2.25 OLE MS Commitment

#4 Chris Stephens Gainesville, FL 2.25 UF Commitment

#5 Fabian Walker Americus, GA 1.75 FSU leads UK, UCF, AUB, TN

#6 Allen Tillman Newton, MS 1.50 OL MS, AUB, LSU, SMISS

#7 AJ Suggs Powder Springs, GA 1.50 TN Commitment

#8 Jared Lorenzen Ft. Thomas, KY 1.00 UK Commitment

#9 Kevin Fant Moss Point, MS 1.00 MS ST Commitment

#10 Willie Simmons Quincy, FL 1.00 GT leads AUB, MIA, CLEM

Latrez was a backup QB at Maryland for three years, before becoming a fairly productive WR in his senior year. He is now WR/LB in the Arena league.

And remember these guys? Weren't we psyched!

No. 4: Auburn: QB/ATH Meiko Collier, DL Thomas Pittman and RB Demontray Carter are the one's that I think head this class. Auburn started out slow, but I think they had the strongest finish in the SEC!

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allen tillman came here, got converted to wideout, and eiter transferred or never played.

fant was BAD for msu as a two year starter that got rotated with kyle york after taking over for wayne madkin.

aj suggs was terrible.

the only two guys who were ever decent were eli (amazing) and j-lo (decent).

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