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Borges vs. Chizik


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Coach Chizik was more than deserving of his Assistant Coach of the Year Award but one could raise a good argument for Al Borges.

Consider the following...

I sorted all the Auburn opponents since 1961 for those opponents with at least a .615 win percentage ( 8-5 ). I looked at the top 50 performances on both sides of the ball against these "quality" opponents.

In just his first year, Borges' offense produced the 2nd, 29th and 31st best performances against a quality opponent based on total yards gained, since 1961. He accomplished this in just 13 attempts. On the defensive side of the ball, Chizik's defense produced the 35th and 45th best defensive performances. Both games occurred during the 2002 season yet he had 39 attempts to crack the top 50.

Borges previously commented that the 2004 defense had the luxury of playing under Chizik for three seasons, which was one of the keys for a successful unit. It will be interesting to see how many more times Borges' offense cracks the top 50 over the next two years.

WDE :au::football::cheer:

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I thought that it was as obvious as night and day the importance of Coach Borges' presence. I found it odd that he ws not even a finalist for the Frank Broyles award. All of the hype all season long was about How Borges and the west coast offense had Auburn terrorizing teams around the league. The paralell between JC's emergence and CAB's exceedence of expectations went hand and hand and neither were finalist for their respective awards. :no:

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