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Texas A&M - a preview


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Auburn vs. Texas A&M (M Basketball)

Auburn (16-10, 5-8) vs. Texas A&M (13-12, 5-8)

  • Saturday, February 18th
  • 3:00PM CT
  • ESPNU / WatchESPN
  • College Station, TX

Well somebody's gotta win this one. Both teams are coming off two losses in a row and are looking to prevent a late season slide. 

There isn't much to say about our Tigers that hasn't been said to this point in the season. Prior to the Ole Miss game this team was on the verge of serious tourney consideration, so I'm not convinced they are ready to fold up shop. It's important to take a moment and realize that this team has already taken a step forward from last season and created expectations of post season play. That's progress. Nonetheless, of this team isn't able to salvage a postseason appearance, it will be a let down considering where we were two games ago. 

A&M presents a lot of problems. Davis is a bull in the post and I'm not sure we have anyone who can play that physically without fouling, in order to limit him. Their guard Gilder does it all, scores, facilitates and defends. At 6-4 he may be too big for Brown to guard and could require Heron to guard their best scoring guard. A&M doesn't score as much as we do, but they can score the ball and will present a challenge for our second half matador defense. 

A couple of other notes. Anyone who is on the coaching staff needs to get some perspective. CBP and CCP know more about high level basketball than any of us ever will. They are both proven. I and others have talked about chemistry and communication issues that all the roster shifting would cause. Low and behold we lose Spencer and our defense dramatically suffers, just when the team seemed to be finding its self. I love the passion that I have seen from the fans wanting to win, but to start calling for heads to roll is misplaced. I saw a tweet from Rod Brambett the other day that said in his 13 years of calling AU basketball this was already the third most wins he has seen. This program was a dumpster fire when CBP took over. 

A&M is a top 100 RPI team, with our RPI at 72, a win will put us in good position for the lesser postseason tourneys. 

We improved our turnovers and rebounding vs UF, but the defense was lacking. With our offense the fldefense doesn't have to be great, but the intensity has to come up. I still think this group has some wins left in them, let's get one this afternoon. 

War Eagle!

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Forgot to mention we are a 6 point dog in this one. 

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We've got an awesome O.  If we could just play a little D we'd go places......,,

Wait. This sounds familiar.  Am I in the football thread?

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