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DKW86 on Finebaum???


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DKW is really Al Borges. :big:


Right...I must be blowing all that cash financing this board.

And yes I do call PF from time to time. I was going to give Vickers a "Head's Up" about bottomfeeder and the LewRockwell.com bunch.

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"The Illegal Conviction Of Logan Young," from LewRockwell.com

Read them for yourself.

Click on William Anderson Interview with Vickers, et al.

This bottomfeeder's mentor I guess and his source for his crazy rants in the Political Forum.

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Suspected that it might be you. Good call. No WEN plugs??? You should have said that you run "The Best AU site.."



Hey, I am not going to get that confiscatory PFN Advertising check in the mail. :no:

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