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Facts are racist!


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I know this wouldn't last on the regular political board. But what does everyone think of the "facts are racist" group popping up against Dan Le Batard now?

Think this is a millennial thing?

Blame it on BLM?

Is it the natural evolution of leftist thinking?

Random tards just tarding but getting unnecessary media attention?

NYPost about it

(to sum it up, Le Batard says Magic is not a good choice for the Lakers and lists his work history and other reasons as to why he isn't. Says Magic was chosen because he was such an awesome and popular player for them and has a great personality. Other people also with ESPN immediately claimed he was racist for saying Magic isn't the best choice for the Lakers)


Myself, I think it's just an American thing. We push the envelope wherever we can. With some things it leads to inevitable changes for the better... but in other cases it leads to people pushing the envelope of how stupid an idea can get.

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This is the dangerous result of Left-winged academia spending decades removing objectivity from subjects which pertain to their self-anointed dominance of "justice" and "morality".  In Sweden one of their politicians was punished for bringing up the factually-accurate claim that there is a definite link between Islam and rape (on the heels of Sweden of all places becoming the #2 rape-capital of the world after decades of mass Islamic immigration).  If you can't figure out why this is beyond dangerous, then I've got a first-class ticket to the Gulag of your choosing in whatever morally-just Socialist-utopia you wish to travel to.

The Left can't even see the irony in the fact that despite supposedly being "anti-race", they can't help themselves from interjecting race into literally everything.  So no, you can't possibly suggest that Magic Johnson is a bad hire because he's in fact a bad candidate.  But I thought that we were judging people on the merit of their character? Isn't that what the Civil Rights movement was? The fact that he's black should OBVIOUSLY hold no bearing in the discussion of whether or not he is qualified for his new job.

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I actually watch the LeBatard show every day, mostly because I find it hilarious and I love that they rarely talk sports.  The crazy thing here is that LeBatard is VERY progressive.  Basically a clip of his show was taken out of context and he was thrown under the bus by his own network.  It's not a millennial thing or even a left/right thing. Older generations are just as likely to scream, yell, and jump to conclusions as younger ones and both sides of the aisle love these types of outrage moments so that they can feel like the "better, more morally sound" party.

What this does reflect is the new society we now live in where context doesn't matter and the need to have a snap opinion on every subject based on what is seen in a social media feed outweighs logic and reason. 

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