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Claire McCaskill Says She Never Met With The Russian Ambassador, But She Did


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Katie Pavlich


Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill, who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, claimed last night she has never had any meetings or discussions with the Russian ambassador, "ever." She sent the statement in a tweet attacking former colleague Attorney General Jeff Sessions over his meetings with the Russian ambassador last year in his capacity of Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.


"Off to a meeting w/ Russian ambassador," she said in January 2013.

"Today calls with British, Russian and German ambassadors re: Iran deal. #Doingmyhomework," McCaskill tweeted in August 2015.  

Not only did McCaskill meet and talk with the Russian ambassador, she did so multiple times. Meeting with officials from foreign governments is standard practice for members of the Committee, Republican or Democrat. 



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Pish posh ! There's nothing to this ! Claire and Sergey were merely talking about grand kids ! Nothing more ! 

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