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Possible Terror Attack In Dusseldorf – ‘Axe-Wielding’ Gang At Train Station


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Posted at 4:43 pm on March 9, 2017 by Jennifer Van Laar


Two people are in custody after an attack at a Dusseldorf train station which injured four.

Anti-terror police swarmed Central Station and are still searching for two more suspects.

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Update : 


Police in Düsseldorf have arrested a man who allegedly went on a rampage with an ax at the city's main station on Thursday night that left at least seven people injured. 

The suspect jumped from a bridge in an attempt to escape police. He was brought to a nearby hospital with severe injuries.

Düsseldorf police later identified the suspect as a 36-year-old man "from the former Yugoslavia" who lives in the nearby city of Wuppertal. Investigators said they believe the man likely acted alone "based on the current state of investigations."

"The suspect seems to have psychological problems," they said in a statement.



Gee, ya think ?

So, despite reports that 2 men had been arrested, and others were being sought, and that the attack was committed by a " gang " of ax wielding men, it seems only to have been 1 man who committed this violence. 



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32 minutes ago, homersapien said:

Disappointing, huh?

For you maybe 

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