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An incredibly telling thing Trump said at today’s Paris event wasn’t about climate at all

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He simply has no idea what he’s talking about on any subject.

-@POTUS: "Our tax bill is moving along in Congress and I believe it's doing very well."


The thing about this is there is, literally, no tax bill.

  • No tax bill has been introduced to the US House of Representatives.
  • No tax bill has been introduced to the US Senate.
  • The White House has not released a tax plan that is detailed enough for experts to assess its economic or fiscal impact.

Indeed, just a week ago, Trump’s Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney explained that what most experts saw as a $2 trillion accounting mistake in the White House budget was actually deliberate.

“It is and was too early to make any assumptions about what the final tax bill looks like," he told members of the House Budget Committee, and that’s why the proposal does not assume any fiscal cost of the tax legislation.

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