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Liberal Twitter Melts Down After Sponsors Drop Trump-Inspired Julius Caesar


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As Kathy Griffin recently learned, actions have consequences.

Bank of America and Delta Airlines have decided to pull their sponsorships of New York’s Public Theater over its controversial staging of the famous William Shakespeare play Julius Caesar after its depiction of a Donald Trump look-alike playing the role of the title character.


“No matter what your political stance may be, the graphic staging of Julius Caesar at this summer’s Free Shakespeare in the Park does not reflect Delta Air Lines’ values,” the airline said in a statement, ending a four year sponsorship of the public theatre.

Backlash from Trump supporters and those who value civility in politics was to be expected. But Twitter has exploded with outrage from those on the left who see this as an attack on free speech and the arts. The withdrawal of corporate sponsorship is leading many to reaffirm their call for the public funding of the arts:

If there's anything Republicans hate more than plays, it's parks. You knew this Shakespeare in the Park thing would backfire



Have plans to see "Julius Caesar" (Shakespeare-in-the-Park) in thrilled defiance of ignorant would-be censors (Faux News, Delta airlines).



This really, truly is the dumbest time to be alive. @Delta caves and pulls sponsorship because some people don't understand a famous play. pic.twitter.com/VrXAKxla9B



In 1790, George Washington hosted a production of Julius Caesar, likely the first Shakespeare play performed for an American President. https://twitter.com/parkermolloy/status/874037973712547840 



@Delta Orson Welles as Brutus in his 1937 Caesar, invoking Mussolini's Italy. This is what theater is for.#ShakespeareinthePark pic.twitter.com/lwv9OYwwBP



If nothing else, depicting Shakespeare's Julius Caesar as Donald Trump is insulting to Shakespeare & the historical Caesar.



@BankofAmerica @Delta Punishing Shakespeare for being art. Punishing the Public Theater for recognizing why Shakespeare still resonates. #DontBanTheBard



Delta and Bank Of America have pulled funding from the Public Theater due to a creative interpretation of Shakespeare. Act accordingly.



@BofA_News You are wrong. You are anti-art. Your sponsorship of Shakespeare in the Park is literally the only good thing Bank of America has ever done.



Trump supporters coax Delta and Bank of America into pulling donations to free Shakespeare plays http://bit.ly/2sforiJ pic.twitter.com/qjNImHuv7p





As a @Delta frequent flier, I'm just embarrassed for you guys. Seriously. It's Shakespeare. https://twitter.com/ParkerMolloy/status/874037053549359105 


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