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Missing U.S. sailors found dead after collision with merchant ship off coast of Japan


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TOKYO — A number of the seven U.S. Navy sailors missing after a collision between a destroyer and a container ship have been found dead, the Seventh Fleet said Sunday.

The sailors were found in the berthing compartments of the ship that flooded after the collision, which occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning. The container ship appeared to have hit the Aegis class destroyer almost square on, severely damaging the berthing compartments where the sailors were sleeping.

A spokesman for the Seventh Fleet would not immediately confirm whether the bodies of all seven missing sailors had been found or just some of them.

They were found after the Fitzgerald returned to its home port at Yokosuka on Saturday night and search and rescue crews were able to enter the ship.

The sailors’ bodies have been taken to the naval hospital on the Yokosuka base to be identified. Their names will not be released until their families have been notified, the Seventh Fleet said in a statement.

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Can we move this out of the smack talk forum?

Make no mistake, this ship was in grave danger of sinking. The heroic actions of the crew kept her afloat.

The Navy will fully investigate this but from my quick look at the damage from both ships this looks to be an overtaking situation; either way it looks as though the container ship had right of way since the Fitzgerald had the container ship on her starboard side.

Prayers to our fallen shipmates.

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