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MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle is obsessed with a Republican talking point about Jon Ossoff


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MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle has obsessed over a right-wing talking point about Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff's decision not to establish residence in the 6th district where he is running in a June 20 special election. However, as The Washington Post has noted, at least 21 congressional representatives live outside of the districts they represent and Ossoff grew up in the 6th district before moving a few miles away.

For months, Republicans and right-wing media attacked Ossoff for living just outside of Georgia’s 6th congressional district, and during the race it has become a major talking point, with outside groupsrunning ads against him. President Donald Trump also tweeted similar attacks on the days of the primary election in April and the special election in June:

Just learned that Jon @Ossoff, who is running for Congress in Georgia, doesn't even live in the district. Republicans, get out and vote!


Democrat Jon Ossoff, who wants to raise your taxes to the highest level and is weak on crime and security, doesn't even live in district.


During an interview on CNN in April, Ossoff made it clear that he intends to move back to the 6th congressional district where he “grew up” once his fiancee finishes medical school. But Ruhle has repeatedly raised this Republican talking point during interviews with him and during discussions of the race.

During a June 16 interview, Ruhle noted that this line of attack had been used by Ossoff’s Republican opponent and acknowledged his reason for living outside the district. But she still pressed him on it,asking: “Why don’t you just move, at this point? I mean, you want to get this job, to me it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, why wouldn’t you just move so you could represent the district that you’d be governing?”

She brought up this GOP talking point again the morning of the election in a panel discussion, saying, “This is one I just can’t get over -- if you think about what people are going after him over -- the president tweeting about it this morning. This is resolvable. He just needs to get a house in the district.” And just minutes later, Ruhle again grilled Ossoff about his address, demanding to know why he just doesn’t move.

Ruhle’s obsession with this GOP attack against Ossoff is undermined by data showing at least 21 members of the House of Representatives live outside of the districts they represent. The Washington Post published an analysis on June 20 that found “that at least 5 percent of [House members] live outside their districts”



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I thought Trump winning was funny...but come on...Handel beating Pajama boy is just too good....I mean who could have guessed that having  a bunch of stark raving liberals support PJ Boy  or having $25m in NY and CA outside $$ flood into GA wouldn't be a winning strategy???!?!?!?!  Oh man...when is the liberal intelligentsia going to realize "it's them and their completely bogus ideology" that is the problem?...and no amount of $$ is going to overcome that....haven't had this good a laugh since November....

Can't wait to hear the usual suspects come on here and tell us how losing is really winning......just a few short weeks ago; this was in the bag for PJ boy...a referendum on Trump...tomorrow the headline will be...well, there probably won't be one...they NYT and WashPo won't be able to acknowledge that their lies have once again been exposed....I've recommended career changes to my kids ... they should be election pollsters...they'd never have to be right;and could just tell their client that their opponent is evil and of course that they will win....collect their money...move to the next election, rinse, repeat....PT Barnum was right...you can fool some of the people all of the time... 



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