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Chris Cuomo Deletes Tweet Asking Whether CNN Redditor’s Name Should Be Revealed


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CNN has been under fire Tuesday for a report published by its KFILE reporting unit which appeared to threaten to out a Reddit user who made a video of President Donald Trump wrestling WWE FounderVince McMahon with the CNN logo superimposed over his head.

Now, one of the network’s most prominent anchors has deleted a Tweet from early Wednesday on the subject.

Early Wednesday, New Day anchor Chris Cuomo asked his followers whether they felt the Redditor’s name should be published:


But Cuomo deleted the Tweet without explanation. He has engaged with other Twitter users on the subject, but has not addressed the deletion of that particular Tweet:

like your source that reddit guy is a teen? bs. and potus uses un named sources as well. this is all nonsensehttps://twitter.com/Matilda711711/status/882574174786596864 



WH says potus didnt get clip from that man...so where did he find it? dont you want to know? https://twitter.com/Emolclause/status/882403992403406849 



You are fact-poor, governor. You see what this man put out on his site? You think it is all humorous?https://twitter.com/govmikehuckabee/status/882593475929288705 



Oh, I believe in the right AND the responsibility. Bigotry should be exposed and confronted in America.https://twitter.com/stylewithrobin/status/882595012550303744 



I have no problem with CNN video. Bigotry is something else. Feeding anti-semitism is disgusting. People taking up for him and that? Bs. https://twitter.com/stonna78/status/882596936712409089 



The man (not teen) wasn't exposed. He apologized before being contacted according to kfile. Look at who is complaining...this is bs https://twitter.com/tcbettini/status/882599174650441729 



CNN released a statement Wednesday defending its actions.

“Any assertion that the network blackmailed or coerced him is false,” the statement said.

We have reached out to Cuomo for comment, and will update this post if he responds.

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