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The Women’s March Made A Mistake That They Should Really Think About


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Dr. Munr Kazmir

The Women’s March is coming under fire for their praise of Assata Shakur AKA Joanne Chesimard, who turned 70 over the weekend, citing her supposedly strong record on racial justice.

In case you are unfamiliar with her, Shakur was convicted of first degree murder for her role in the 1973 murder of a New Jersey state police officer, a man who left behind a wife and two children.

When I first saw the Women’s March tweet out positive things about her, I was incredibly disappointed. Keep in mind, I live in the state where this happened, and I know many police officers who very easily could have found themselves the victim in that situation, so this case really hits home for me.

But it hits home for me for another reason. Two children had their father ripped away from them by a group that included Shakur, something that is as unforgivable a sin as there is. Just the thought of being taken from my daughters – even now when they are already grown – is the most horrifying thought I could ever have. And with how close I am with my daughters, I would imagine it would devastate them much the same way I know that New Jersey police officer’s children were devastated in 1973 when they were told their father was never coming home.

The police in this country have their faults, I’m not attempting to argue otherwise. But they put their lives on the line everyday and when one of them is senselessly murdered, the least we can do is try to bring the assailants to justice.

With Shakur, she may have been brought to justice, but she has largely gotten away without having to pay the proper price for his crime. Shakur escaped prison in 1979 and has been hiding in Cuba, with the full knowledge of the Cuban government, ever since. Today, she remains on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Now, I am not generally one for embargoes, because I think that they tend to punish average people while not actually making a situation better. The way to turn people around to your way of thinking isn’t to block them from sharing in your culture, it is the exact opposite. A little taste of what American freedom really looks like can go a long way towards changing hearts and minds.

But when it comes to Cuba, President Trump is right to stand up and say that they must return Shakur to the United States to face justice if they want to ease relations with us. What Shakur did was unspeakable and the fact that she has not been made to face the consequences of those actions is appalling.

If Cuba really wants to show they are willing to do things differently and open up trade and travel with this country, this is a small gesture they could make to help wounds heal and allow for our two countries to begin work towards a less hostile future.

The demand for her return should be flat out non-negotiable, and every member of Congress – especially the ones from New Jersey – should be willing to stand up and demand this across party lines. It is shameful that they haven’t already.

And the Women’s March should be equally ashamed of themselves. There are plenty of women in this world who have done great work on behalf of racial justice, but the vast majority of them are not unrepentant cop killers. The next time the Women’s March decides they would like to honor Shakur, maybe they should think about that.

Better yet, maybe those involved with the Women’s March should think about the policeman’s two children and consider how they would feel if somebody honored a person who murdered their fathers instead.




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Jake Tapper Accused of Being ‘Alt-Right’ For Criticizing Cop Killer


CNN‘s Jake Tapper is questioning why more progressives are not condemning the praise for convicted cop killer Assata Shakur from far-left groups and individuals who took to Twitter to wish the domestic terrorist a happy birthday and praise her work as a “revolutionary.”

The “Women’s March” came under fire for expressing their love and admiration for the fugitive murderer on their official Twitter account on Sunday.


This lovefest for a cop killer is not sitting well with Tapper who responded with his own tweet, “Shakur is a cop-killer fugitive in Cuba. This, ugly sentiments from @lsarsour & @dykemarchchi …Any progressives out there condemning this?”

Shakur is a cop-killer fugitive in Cuba. This, ugly sentiments from @lsarsour & @dykemarchchi ...Any progressives out there condemning this? https://twitter.com/womensmarch/status/886652647582859264 



Linda Sarsour, the Women’s March organizer, radical Sharia law advocate and terrorist sympathizer responded to Tapper’s criticism by accusing him of being a member of the “alt-right.”

.@jaketapper joins the ranks of the alt-right to target me online. Welcome to the party.



She also challenged Tapper to share some of her “ugly sentiments” to which Tapper happily obliged.

.@jaketapper please share my "ugly" sentiments? Unapologetically Muslim? Unapologetically Palestinian? Pro-immigrant? Pro-justice? Shame.



“You’re comment about Ayann,” replied Tapper, referring to Sarsour’s comment that she wished she could remove the vagina of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a victim of Islamist female genital mutilation.


Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza got into the mix defending Sarsour, calling Tapper’s claims “inflammatory.”

These tweets about supporting a "cop killer" are intentionally inflammatory



Tapper reminded Garza what inflammatory really looks like.

How about being part of a gang that kills a NJ State Trooper? Is that considered inflammatory?

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Linda Sarsour Echoes Donald Trump, Smears CNN’s Jake Tapper

On Monday, CNN’s Jake Tapper joined the alt-right.

The man who famously pressed Donald Trump more than 20 timesin a single interview about his racist comments and one of the ten journalists to face the most anti-Semitic harassment online in 2016, according to the Anti-Defamation League is now with the likes of Richard Spencer and Pepe — at least according to Linda Sarsour.

The woman widely considered the face of January’s Women’s March and the larger intersectional resistance movement against the Trump administration took aim at a journalist from the news network the President has all but declared war on because Tapper raised a serious question about the state of intersectional feminism.

Monday afternoon, he retweeted a message from the Women’s March celebrating the birthday of the “revolutionary” Assata Shakur. The warm illustration of Shakur against a pink-to-purple background didn’t mention her conviction for murdering state trooper Werner Foerster when he pulled over a car with Shakur and two other members of the Black Liberation Army. Shakur escaped prison and fled to Cuba, which granted her asylum. As The Daily Beast’s Michael Daly noted in a 2014 report,  “The FBI continued to consider her [Shakur] so dangerous that it offered the $1 million reward in 2005 and put her on the Most Wanted Terrorists List” in 2013.

So Tapper called out the Women’s March and specifically mentioned Sarsour and the Chicago Dyke March — the group that proudly expelled marchers for carrying flags with Stars of David in a gesture that many (including me) have criticized as blatantly anti-Semitic — for throwing their support behind Shakur: “Shakur is a cop-killer fugitive in Cuba. This, ugly sentiments from@lsarsour & @dykemarchchi ...Any progressives out there condemning this?”

Sarsour tweeted back that Tapper “joins the ranks of the alt-right to target me online. Welcome to the party.”



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