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Blumenthal, Justice Democrats, & moi...

DKW 86

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Max Blumenthal to Tucker: Dems Wrong About Russia

Lifelong Liberal now questions the Russians!!!!! Story. 

Blumenthal asks a question is immediately called a Trump Supporter.

Blumenthal basically says everything Kulinski and lil ole moi have been saying for some time now.


"I see Trump as the apotheosis of a failed political establishment, both from the Republicans and the Democrats. Pushing corporate trade and permanent war, and I thought the Democrats should have responded with a big narrative against premanent war and for economic equality. Instead, they are pushing Russia scandal-mongering non-stop. It has subsumed all the progressive grassroots movements I believed in, and it has basically buried the left in a militaristic narrative."

"Mark my words, Tucker," he said. "When Trump is gone, this narrative, this Russia hysteria, will be repurposed by the political establishment to attack the left, and anyone on the left --Bernie Sanders-like politician-- who steps out of line on the issue of permenent war and corporate free trade. Anyone who steps out of line on those issues will be painted as a Russia puppet."

I just had to watch Tucker Carlson...Need a bath now...

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