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Auburn Football All-Access Podcast Episode 146.....


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Auburn Football All-Access Podcast Episode 146 is posted on iTunes, and is available via War Eagle Sports Radio and various podcast apps including Podcast Addict and Cast Box.

You'll enjoy a boom or two on this podcast coming out of fall camp sources, Doug and I rely upon. (e.g. Is Kam Pettway FAST?!)
Tune in . . . :)


Notwithstanding the challenge of accessing reliable information in its real time "context" from Auburn and most every SEC fall camp, reports appear to point to roughly one-third worries for the Auburn coaching staff, and two-thirds excitement as to how the team is shaping up with the season opener just 23 days out. Not an abnormal reality in most every Power Five football camp, as annual attrition takes its toll.

Not surprisingly, Kevin Steele's Auburn defense is drawing rave reviews - particularly the front-seven in terms of quality depth - even as the offense works to identify the right five (Braden Smith is a clear starter) O-linemen to get maximum reps, and for transfer QB Jarrett Stidham to demonstrate mastery of the offense equal to his enormous physical upside.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean as they explore the best available sourced information coming out of fall camp in the Loveliest Village! War Eagle!, and hope you enjoy it!

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From one of their sources who has attended fall camp practices / scrimmage:

"This is the best defensive line depth he's ever seen at Auburn ... there may be 8-9 guys who have NFL potential ... and linebacker depth is almost as good"


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"Kamryn Pettway faster than Kerryon Johnson ... especially in that 5-10 yard range ... has a burst and strength is going to make him hell on wheels for most defenses."

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