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Favorite Offensive and Defensive Plays in Softball

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There are many offensive and defensive plays I enjoy seeing executed (by AU of course) but will focus on defensive plays so as not to totally hog the topic.  I would be hard pressed to rank them in any particular order so here are my random picks.

Runner on 1st with ground ball to 1st base player who throws out runner going to 2nd and then covers 1st for the throw- back double play.

Runner on 1st and 2nd with ground ball hit to 3rd baseman who takes steps back to get force out at 3rd then throws out runner at 1st.

Almost any play by catcher with put out at home plate, catching runner stealing 2nd or one of my favorites a snap throw to get a runner off  1st base.

Throw in by any outfielder to get runner out at any base; especially home plate.

I suspect others have thoughts about their favorites on both offense and defense. 

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