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Review - Norfolk State


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Well that one pretty much went to script: (from the preview) 

"Long story short, this is the perfect team for us to come out, limit their scoring, and run away with a feel good win. 


They are good enough to frustrate that purpose if we slop around though. Norfolk was picked to finish second in their league, partly because of all the experience they return.  However, there is absolutely no reason for us to not win this game. "

So generally a feel good win. We limited them to 74 pts, 42 came in the second half when the game was well out of reach. Limited them to 34% shooting, crushed them in the rebound battle, controlled points in the paint, only allowed 4 second chance points, and we shot 80% from the free throw line.  On top of that Brown went off for 31pts on 12-16 shooting. We went with Harper, Brown, Heron, Murray and Spencer as our starters and all played pretty well, but I really noticed a nice chemistry on the floor when McLemore was in the game instead of Spencer with the other four. I don't think Spencer did anything to lose his starting spot yet, but McLemore is such an efficient player. 


Norfolk mixed up their defense a lot, in and out of zone, showing zone and playing man and everything in between. We were pretty good at quickly adjusting and getting quality shots. Murray, Dunbar, Spencer all pressed too much at times, but that is to be expected in game 1. I was impressed with Mitchell. He can create  whenever he wants. Very quick with the ball in his hands. Harper was composed, almost subdued at times. It appeared to be by design, but I hope to see him stay aggressive at times. Heron also was a bit passive. He lets the game come to him, which is fine when the game is going well. We will see how assertive he is if a game is tight. 


All in all, a nice win, just as expected and just as the doctor ordered. 


Indiana State is up next in the tournament at Charleston. They beat the crap out of Indiana on the road in their first game. Going to be a real test on Thursday (more on that game to come).


War Eagle! 1-0

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there are alot of athletic guys on the court, but mclemore's athleticism is at another level, particularly for his size.  and in combo with his vertical, he is an interesting match up for other teams.  he is relentless and aggressive at times and seems to play very smart (to go along with his well publicized book smarts)

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