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The Victory Song Thread!


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I have LOVED the Lookalikes every game, and the "Iron Bowl Is Gonna Be So Lit!" thread!  So many graphics, so little time.  Thought, for music lovers, you can post any victory song here, from any generation, that will get the adrenaline pumping, be it whistling while you work OR "Mrs. "Dude Looks Like A Lady" Doubtfire-dancing" to your heart's content.

The one I am posting hit the waves in 2010.  Better believe I was playing it a lot during Auburn's season!   Bet the team was too.  This first version was done on  "The Tonight Show."  Second one is shorter and not live. Go, Big Blue!  Let's have a win for the good guys!




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2 minutes ago, augolf1716 said:


Never heard of him of course but I like it. I don't know who that is in the gif i posted either.

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