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Random/Funny Pictures, Memes, and GIF's Thread


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I have always wanted to start a thread just dedicated to funny pictures, memes, or gif's you see on the internet.  I come across many all of the time, but I have no where to post them on here.  My goal is for this thread to be a place to go for laughs and good times.  Since we are in the holiday season, I will start us off:


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Figured I would put this here.  Even Jimmy John's has the cruitin finger.  Lol.  This is on the bag. 



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On 1/17/2022 at 4:03 PM, abw0004 said:


This meme is totally wrong.  There is no way Andrew Luck is eating meat.  If he did he would be the worst hunter in the world otherwise known as a vegan.

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