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Rightside Radio

I got to hear something so profoundly Bat Guano today that I may have to call in to the RSR.

On the Phil Williams Show, I was waiting to hear about some crazy s*** Mo Brooks was spouting.

According to Mo Brooks: Apparently Durant is against the 2nd Amendment because Durant said he was FOR it for hunting. The quote included the reference to Attack Helicopters and '"More rounds in a day than most men ever shoot in their lives." But Mo has spun the crap out of all that to say that Durant is AGAINST the Second Amendment. 

Oh yea and MeeMaw is a Liberal!!!!!

You have to laugh at all this s*** until you remember that this is Alabama and one of these clowns will run basically unopposed for their selected office. 

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Thankfully it looks like Mo Brook's goose is cooked. He's been abandoned by Trump and he's now a distant 3rd place in recent polling. 


Kati Britt would probably be the best choice for getting money and resources diverted to Alabama.

But Durant will probably win because he's a "veteran" which for some reason many people thinks makes a person more qualified for political office, and he's the crazier one between him and Britt. 


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