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Is Capitalism Devouring Democracy?

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This is rather long lecture but well worth the time. (But then, I spend a lot of time on You Tube listening to such lectures.)

It provides a brilliant analysis of the evolution of capitalism as the dominant economic system of democratic governments as well as a warning of possible dangers associated of unregulated capitalism.


Here's a shorter version as a TED talk:


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No.  Capitalist's ability to buy government is creating inequality that has rendered democracy impotent. 

I used to believe the capitalist would always sheer the sheep, not slaughter them.  Since they no longer value the sheep,,, the slaughter has begun.  What we are seeing now is just the beginning of the brutality.

We do not know history.  We know dates, places, names.  We know little context.  Our ignorance is a factor in our demise.


My real answer is yes but,,,  it has already happened.  Liberal democracy is just clinging to life.  We are pushing human existence towards the Russian model.  Serve power or, suffer.  No other choice.


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