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CTB wants a playoff

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This Bowden certain to go undefeated


Terry Bowden is 50 now, eight years removed from his last head-coaching job at Auburn.

That one started wonderfully (with 20 straight wins) and ended badly (with Bowden quitting under pressure in the middle of the 1998 season).

Since then, he's been one of college football's most prominent voices as a TV and radio personality, watching his father Bobby at Florida State, his brother Tommy at Clemson and other coaches slug it out on Saturdays.

"I'm undefeated as a coach for the past seven years," Terry Bowden said Wednesday. He was in town to speak to a crowd of several hundred at the Charlotte Touchdown Club, and he offered a host of opinions in our interview.

We'll get to those in a minute. But first, a prediction -- Bowden will return as a college head coach within three years. When he talks about game days, especially, he sounds like he misses it. Turning 50, Bowden said, has been a wake-up call.

"I'm wondering what I want to do with the rest of my life," he said.

For now, the father of six lives in the Orlando, Fla., area with his wife and kids. He hosts a radio show, writes an online college football column for Yahoo! and goes out each fall weekend to broadcast a game. As a member of the first family of college football, Bowden has kept close to the game.

With the 2006 college football season starting in little more than a month, here are Bowden's thoughts on:

• The top five teams this season. "Ohio State, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Texas and Southern Cal."

• The teams that could win the ACC. "Florida State, Clemson, Miami and Virginia Tech."

• N.C. State football. "Chuck Amato has got to show he can produce an offense in the post-Philip Rivers era. N.C. State had three defensive linemen drafted in the first round this year. That's great, but you better not do that too many times or you'll get fired. You have to win more than seven games with that kind of talent."

• North Carolina football. "An enigma. That's a dream job for a coach. They haven't had a lot of great teams recently other than for a couple of years when Mack (Brown) got it going, so the expectations aren't that high."

• North Carolina's Nov. 4 journey to play Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. "It's the wrong year to be making that trip."

• A proposed college playoff. "I'm getting tired of all the reasons we don't have one. I want to see it. It'd be incredible. I'd like it to be four teams to start with over two weekends. Eventually, expand that to eight over three weekends."

• His brother Tommy. "He's been fighting for his coaching life half the time at Clemson. His saving grace has been that he almost always beats South Carolina. The expectations are awfully high there, although in the years Clemson has won 10 or 11 games, an NCAA probation has sometimes been involved. But Tommy knew that when he got the job."

• What he doesn't miss about coaching: "The recruiting. And there's too much talk about recruiting, too. It's really become a profession."

That is funny since he was the worst recruiter we ever had as a HC.

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That's why he didn't like it....He couldn't do it!


Don't you bad mouth the Lizard!!

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you never buy a "pig in a poke" and if some school is dumb enough to hire him, that is what they will be getting...to me, he is like finebum, the less i hear from or hear about them, the better i like it

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