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CT and WH at Media Days

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Wide Receiver Courtney Taylor

(On losing Bowl Game) "Coach Yoxall (strength coach) always wears the Capital One Bowl patch during workouts. There is not a day that goes by that we don't hear about it. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but that is something you have to get past. September 2, is the only game that matters right now. You have to take it one game at a time."

(On quarterbacks) "We have a lot of talent this year. I love Brandon (Cox). He is one of the best quarterbacks in this conference and I have all the confidence in him. I am looking forward to two-a-days. I am just going to block out the heat and get ready to play with Brandon again. Blake (Field) is a tremendous athlete. He is really mobile. He has the speed and the cannon. I am just as confident in him as I am in Brandon. We have a few new guys coming in. They are going to have to learn the ropes this summer so we can have a good number three quarterback."

(On being picked to win SEC) "None of that really matters. We have been in that situation before. You can't believe that you are number one in this league. Each year you have to start over. We like to have that kind of respect, but we haven't earned it yet."

(On the offense) "Some of our top guys have left, and these younger players have to step it up. They have to take advantage of this opportunity. We have all of the talent; we just need to pull it all together. The offensive line is great. They usually don't get the credit that they deserve. Coach (Al) Borges is a mastermind. He gives everyone an opportunity to touch the ball. I have complete confidence in a man that takes players and makes them the best."

(On the schedule) "You have to love having all the big games at home. We have the best fans in the country and we are going to be 88, 000 strong. It is a huge advantage to have games like LSU and Florida in your backyard and having the fans on your side."

(On Kenny Irons) "Kenny is, in my opinion, the best back in the country. He is in the same league as Carnell (Williams) and Ronnie (Brown). He has the same characteristics as them. For you to be that good, it is all about how much you want it."

(On team dynamic) "We have more unity this year. We have all worked really hard this summer and so well together that the sky is the limit. We have the chemistry, we just need to go out there and work hard."

Linebacker Will Herring

(On switching to linebacker) "I made the switch. Whatever is best for the team. I felt more comfortable throughout the spring. Hopefully I'll feel secure during two-a-days, and pick up where I left off."

(On new linebacker coach, Coach Willis) "Coach Willis is an unbelievable coach. He's been through what we're going through. We lost a great linebacker coach in Coach Whitt, but we're fortunate to have him."

(On being selected to 1st Team All-SEC) "It's definitely an honor. I've yet to play a game at linebacker. I got to focus on getting my game where it needs to be and doing whatever it takes to win ball games."

(On which linebacker will have a break out season) "It's hard to say. We've got so much talent. We've got veterans like myself and (Karibi) Dede, and Kevin Sears, but at the same time you've got guys like Tray (Blackmon) and Merrill (Johnson) coming up and he's, in my opinion, capable of having an unbelievable season."

(On depth over the years) "I think it's a credit to Coach Tuberville. Everybody's played a part in rebuilding the program, and getting the team to where it needs to be. We lost key guys every year and it never fails that somebody will step up. I'm excited to see which guys, this year, step up."

(On last regular season game) "People have gotten caught up in how many times we beat Alabama, but for me if we don't beat Bama, it'll leave a sour taste in my mouth. This is my last go round, this is all the seniors' last go round. We'd like to end our careers at Auburn on a good note."

(On big home games) "It's a huge advantage. I credit our fans for being the best in the country. I'm excited about the home advantage. The home schedule is definitely in our favor."

(On Capital One Bowl loss) "It hurt to have the kind of season we did and go out on a sour note. It definitely left a sour taste in our mouths. We put that behind us. We're looking forward now. We're not looking behind us."

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